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Total Active Outages: 6 Total Affected Customers: 44
County: Albany
Customers Out: 0
Customers Served: 6065
County: Columbia
Customers Out: 0
Customers Served: 1515
County: Dutchess
Customers Out: 40
Customers Served: 116194
Estimated Restoration*: Pending
County: Greene
Customers Out: 1
Customers Served: 27271
Estimated Restoration*: Oct 25, 9:00 PM
County: Orange
Customers Out: 0
Customers Served: 49194
County: Putnam
Customers Out: 1
Customers Served: 5061
Estimated Restoration*: Oct 25, 8:30 PM
County: Sullivan
Customers Out: 0
Customers Served: 1292
County: Ulster
Customers Out: 2
Customers Served: 87687
Estimated Restoration*: Pending
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Last Updated:
Oct 25, 7:23 PM (Information is updated every 15 minutes.)
*The estimated restoration time represents the longest duration outage within that area.
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