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Framingham/Worcester Line Alerts and Advisories
Framingham/Worcester Line Train 532 (5:50 pm from Worcester / Union Station) delayed today due to heavy ridership. 15-25 min
Affected direction: Inbound
Last Updated: 3/4/2015 5:11:49 PM
Framingham/Worcester Line Train 523 (4:05 pm from South Station) delayed today due to heavy ridership making all local stops. 20-30 min
Affected direction: Outbound
Last Updated: 3/4/2015 4:49:44 PM
Framingham/Worcester Line Schedule changes, including restored trips, begin Monday, March 2. See mbta.com/winter for full schedule information.
Two trips will be restored to the Framingham/Worcester Line schedule beginning March 2: Train 515 departing South Station at 12:05 PM and Train 522 departing Worcester at 1:50 PM.
Last Updated: 2/28/2015 6:43:51 PM
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